About Me

Hey there!

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m the teenage writer. I spend most of my time either reading, writing or eating – mostly eating. I love Jesus. I love playing my guitar. I like my bed more than I like most people. I love my dog. I like the sound and smell of the rain, and watching Netflix is something I admit to doing a LOT.

I’ve been writing stories since I was about six years old. Stories about fairies, dinosaurs or quirky Enid Blyton characters. My imagination was sparked by reading books like ‘The Faraway Tree’, ‘The Wishing Chair’ and ‘The Naughtiest Girl in the School’. I read, and reread until the words were imprinted in my memory.

Writing has since pulled me into a world where imagination and creativity are my sixth and seventh senses. Planning new stories, building new characters and creating new worlds fills me with an overpowering sense of excitement.

If you were to talk to most people who know me, they’d probably tell you that I’m shy. That I prefer to hang around in my tortoise shell instead of peeking out to say hello. This is quite true, as much as I wish it wasn’t.

Although I may be shy and quiet on the outside, my imagination flows within. When I write, I can be someone I’m not. I can be brave, and I can have straight hair or brown eyes. Writing allows me to be who I want to be and to let my thoughts spill out and splatter onto the paper in front of me.

I hope that reading my blog and discovering my world of writing will bring you back to visit my site again and again! Feel free to shoot me a quick message if you feel the need. I’d love to say hello!

Until then, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

xoxo Teenage Writer


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