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Graevale – Otherwise Known as ‘the Book of Destruction’

Lynette Noni’s Medoran Chronicles have been at the top of my favourites list since I first created Confessions of a Teenage Writer. I can assure you that its place has stayed secure and will not be moving any time soon. I fell in love with Akarnae; Raelia sent shivers of excitement and awe down my spine; Draekora captured my heart; and Graevale tore it out. (If you haven’t read the series and would like to catch up on the action – or better, read it yourself – then please read the following Akarnae, Raelia and Draekora book reviews to get a better idea of the action that revolves around Alexandra Jennings’ life!)

To put into deeper context, Graevale was none other than a whirlwind of antagonistic action, whimsical wonder and extravagant emotion. The book came out at the beginning of the month and ever since, I have been longing to get my hands on a copy. Mum and I finally made a trip to our local bookstore last weekend, and seeing the glowing violet colour of Graevale’s magical cover made me want to snatch it up and read it all the more. I started reading as soon as we got home, and here I am, three days later, completely finished and feeling like a hurricane has hurled through my soul.

To sum it up, Graevale follows Alex’s adventures in Medora where her courage is put to the ultimate test in order to stop the evil Aven Dalmarta from destroying everything she knows and loves. While deciphering a plan to build an army of Medoran races to match Aven’s speedy Meyarin battlers, Alex must train day and night to ensure she is at her strongest when it comes to facing him. Alex’s three closest friends never fail to have faith in her, but there is someone else who she absolutely cannot live without, much to her surprise. Niyx, at first an unknown associate and prisoner who Alex wants nothing to do with, soon becomes one of her closest and most reliable companions. Acting as a double agent, Niyx keeps the fact that he is bonded to Alex – both in heart and quite literally – to himself as he stands at Aven’s side and pretends to be the loyal sidekick he thinks he is.

That was in short, and there’s still a large amount of detail I missed out on, but in all honesty, Niyx quickly became my favourite character in the series. At first, he seemed like a shady figure with too many secrets, someone not to be trusted, but when he puts his life on the line for Alex and glues himself to Aven’s side to prove his ‘loyalty’, I fell in love with him. Not in a ‘he’s the kind of guy I wish I had in my class’ kind of a way, but in a way that I wished I had someone like him who called me ‘kitten’ out of affection and whose character took the seriousness out of life and lightened the mood with his presence. By the end of the book, Alex and Niyx formed quite the friendship – a friendship that would’ve lasted for years on end with Niyx’s abiding loyalty to Alex and Alex’s unlimited amount of respect for Niyx. If you’re an observant reader who takes notice of small details, you would’ve noticed that I used the word ‘would’ve’ instead of ‘did’.

All spoilers included – which is why I gave you a clear warning beforehand if you didn’t want to hear any- Niyx does not survive the final chapter of Graevale. I kid you not, I cried real tears over his death. His fictional, non-existent to the real world death. Heck, I didn’t just cry; I bawled my eyes out for a solid ten minutes.

Niyx Raedon – a character who made me fall in love with his sassy outlook on life, his charming wit, and undying loyalty to Alexandra Jennings – died.

It’s a harsh way to put it, but it’s the honest way to put it. I walked through to the lounge room where my family was sitting after I’d completed the final chapter of Graevale, and one look at the tears streaming down my cheeks had them with expressions of confusion on their faces and asking me what on earth was wrong. My exact words were, “I feel so stupid! I’m crying over a book. Something that isn’t even real.” Half-laughing, half-crying, I decided right then and there that when I grow up, I want to be able to write a book that causes someone to feel as much emotion as Graevale caused me to. I want to bring someone to tears with the characters that I’ve created, and I want my strong way with words to make someone feel as if what they’re reading is real.

To finish this off, I can’t wait for the fifth book, Vardaesia, to be released so I can find out just exactly how this incredible series ends. And just between you and me, I’m silently praying that Niyx has a magical comeback from the dead, and that Lynette is sitting in front of her computer right now, rubbing her hands together and cackling at the fact that the hundreds of people who have already read her book think that he’s actually gone for good…

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