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Okay, so everyone knows that when you’re a teenager, literally everything is confusing. Friends, family, school – but especially boys. To put that into deeper context, they are probably the most confusing mammal to walk the planet. I’m sorry if you are a boy and you are reading this, but it’s true. Believe me, I have proof…

  1. It takes about all of the courage you have in you to tell your crush that you like them. I mean, it’s hard enough writing it out and trying to word it right so you don’t sound too shy but also not too pushy, but when you press send and instantly regret it, it’s WORSE. Let alone when they take more than 3 seconds to reply, or leave you on READ, or if they give you a wishy-washy answer like ‘awh thanks’ or ‘you’re great’. And this is just texting, if you’ve done it in person or you’re planning to, then sister, I am praying for you.
  2. This one’s not so much about having a crush, but even having boys as friends could not get any more FRUSTRATING. I speak from experience – my closest friendship group outside of school is ALL boys, and let’s just say making plans with them is like trying to eat an icy-pole in the middle of summer. For example, there was this one time when we were trying to organise to go to the beach together, and we’d planned to meet at 10 near the fountains at one of the local beaches where I live. The day it was supposed to be happening, I got a message from one of them saying we were meeting at 10:30 near the stage. What?!! THEY ARE SO UNRELIABLE ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY.
  3. There’s honestly nothing worse then telling yourself you won’t fall for him, and then you DO. Typical, the bad-but-not-so-bad boy at school, hangs out with all the popular girls who like to show off their bodies on social media and get up to you-know-what on the weekends. Sits at the back of the class with the group of friends who think they’re funny but actually aren’t. TYPICAL.

I think after those three reasons alone you might start to agree with me. However, as we’re getting older and growing up, we can only hope and pray that the boys do the same, or at least become a little bit more mature than they are now 😉

Until next time,


Teenage Writer

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