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Book Review – SummerHill Secrets

My younger sister was the person who got me into the SummerHill Secrets series by Beverly Lewis! I didn’t want to read them at first. I was thinking ‘no, if my sister’s reading them, they’re probably too young for me’. That sounds horrible, I know, but I learnt my lesson. When I had nothing else to read, she practically shoved them into my arms. I wasn’t excited, but one chapter in and I was completely hooked!

SummerHill Secrets.jpg

SummerHill Secrets follows the adventures of Merry Hanson, a young teenage girl living in Amish country, Pennsylvania. The two books that I read were both five in one, and each story was as good as the next! I got to know down-to-earth characters like Rachel and Levi Zook, Alliteration Wizards like Jon Klein, cheeky daredevils like Lissa Vyner, mischievous redheads like Chelsea Davis, and mysterious, quirky neighbours like Miss Spindler. It was also a really great way for me to learn about the Amish and their way of life. When I first read the blurb on the back of the book, I had no idea what ‘Amish’ meant, but now, if you asked me, I’d be able to give you a reasonable explanation!

I felt I could really relate to Merry as we are close in age. Through each of the stories, she finds herself going through many of the things I’m having to go through. The rollercoaster of emotions that comes with growing up, the insecurities about what other people think of you, and the way your heart jumps into your throat when you lock eyes with the boy you like. The SummerHill Secrets series were such great books, the only disappointment is that there were only two books in the series! I would recommend them for a sunny Sunday afternoon in a comfy chair by the window 🙂

Beverly Lewis is a Christian author who grew up in Amish country herself. I’ve read a few of her other books and they also follow the lives of teenage girls and their walks with God. If you’d like to check out her website and have a look at some of her other books, click this link:

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