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Book Review – The Land of Stories “A Grimm Warning”

After following Alex and Conner Bailey’s first two adventures in the wonderful world of fairy-tales, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the third book. My sister received it for her birthday and how disappointed was I when she decided that it was only fair that she got to read it first! I had to wait three long weeks for my turn, but boy, was it worth the wait!

A Grimm Warning Image.jpg

A Grimm Warning’, the third book in ‘The Land of Stories’ series, follows yet another adventure of the intriguing, fun-loving and mischievous Bailey twins. With Alex training to become a member of the fairy council in the fairy-tale world, Conner must keep up the charade to his classmates that his sister is studying in Vermont. So far, so good. That is, until Conner leaves for a class trip to Germany where he’ll witness the first reading of three stories written by the Brothers Grimm found in a newly discovered time capsule. At the reading, Conner recognises two stories: ‘The Curvy Tree’ and ‘The Walking Fish’, both of which were told to him by his father. The third seems to be a warning from the Brothers Grimm that an army is approaching the Land of Stories. At the same time in the fairy-tale world, three uninvited witches arrive at a ball, giving the guests a prophecy that an ‘army of thousands’ is headed right for them. Putting the puzzle pieces together, Mother Goose contacts Conner, who immediately forms a plan and makes a run for it, not knowing that classmate Bree has caught on and is right behind him. Embarking on their adventure together, Bree, Mother Goose and Conner make friends with a young German boy named Emmerich, who helps them enter the portal that leads to the Land of Stories. As trouble brews and danger bubbles, Conner finds himself on another great adventure, this time forming a hasty plan to save the fairy-tale world from possibly the greatest threat it’s ever faced. As new love is formed, friendships are made and a few tears are shed, ‘A Grimm Warning’ ends with the most unexpected piece of information you’ve heard throughout the series.

Filled with danger, challenges and mysteries, ‘A Grimm Warning’ ties into the excitement that forms ‘The Land of Stories’. I find myself flabbergasted at the amount of creativity, thought and imagination that has been planted into this story. Chris Colfer has an imagination that soars, and one day, I hope to write something as great as the books he has already written. If you haven’t already started reading the series, I suggest you get a move on, because the sixth book comes out in July!! 🙂

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