My Experiences

Watoto Children’s Choir

Last night, my family and I took a drive to Lifepointe Church. Before we left, I was moaning and groaning. It was Sunday night. I didn’t feel like going out and being up late. But oh boy, I am so glad I did because we got to witness the most incredible show I’ve ever watched in my life.

The Watoto Children’s Choir is a group of children from Uganda who sing and dance, using their beautiful voices and extraordinarily gifted feet to sing out their praises to Jesus.  They are very young – the eldest was probably twelve-years-old – yet they’re the most faithful, courageous and transformed group of kids I’ve ever seen. The way they sing – with open hearts and a smile spread across their faces – is amazing. I cried throughout the first three songs. Being from Africa, it reminded me of home and living around these people. They are always, always happy. That’s what amazes me. These kids have nothing but the clothes on their backs, yet they still trust in the love of Jesus to provide for them and manage to keep a friendly and welcoming smile on their faces through all circumstances.

The part of the show that really spoke to me was when a young boy, about ten-years-old, was handed the microphone. “Are you feeling scared?” he asked the audience. “Anxious? Dealing with bullies? Having a rough time at home? You do not need to worry, for God is bigger than any fear that you may be facing.” I burst into tears at this point. It just reminded me that those words were coming out of the mouth of a child who has nothing. I was sitting there wearing nice shoes, holding a new jumper, and looking forward to going home and jumping into my warm bed, yet I still want more. “I want those new shoes I saw online. I need a new pair of jeans. Oh, how I would love to own that dress I saw yesterday!” It made me realise that I need to be more grateful with what I’ve got instead of wanting what others have.

I need to be bold. I need to be brave. And I need to be faithful. If you’d like to check out the beautiful Watoto Children’s Choir, please watch the video below!


Also, this is the link to their website:

If you’d like to learn more about Watoto or maybe even sponsor a child, please click the link! As they said last night, “You may think that you’re doing little, but to the one who is being helped, little is much.”

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