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Book Review – The Land of Stories “The Wishing Spell”

Reliving the adventures that previously read books have taken me on is one of my favourite things. Today, Mum reminded me to write about the wonderful series of books called ‘The Land of Stories’, written by an amazing author, Chris Colfer.

The first book is called ‘The Wishing Spell’. When I first read it, I was being forced. Mum had found it for me at the library, and when she brought it home, I did the worst thing a reader could do; I judged a book by its cover. I know – that’s a writer’s crime. Anyway, I read it because I had to, and it was possibly the best thing I ever did. Mum’s always singing the song from Tangled that goes something like… “Mama’s always right, listen to your mumzie…” I should learn to listen to her!

The Land of Stories 2.jpg

This book starts out by introducing the reader to twins, Alex and Conner Bailey. Alex is smart, careful and hard-working, but has trouble making friends at school. Conner, on the other hand, is popular, charming and can crack a good joke, but struggles to concentrate in class – which gets him into a lot of trouble. Having lost their father just before their eleventh birthday, the twins are dreading the anniversary of his death. As their next birthday approaches, they’re feeling gloomy – not at all in the mood for a celebration. They receive a mysterious old children’s book of fairy-tales from their Grandmother. At first, the twins think nothing of the book, but one day, they discover that The Land of Stories is not just any old book; it’s a portal. A loophole between two worlds. The book launches into a full-blown adventure where the twins find their way into a world where fairy tales are real. Whilst in The Land of Stories, Alex and Conner discover an old journal that holds a mysterious spell that will lead them home. With no other way to get there, the twins decide that they have no choice. They must follow what the Wishing Spell tells them to do. Putting their brains into gear and mustering up all the courage they can possibly find within themselves, the twins embark on the greatest scavenger hunt of their lives.

This book was incredibly thrilling. It made me feel as if I was being taken on the adventure along with the twins. I fell in love with some characters, and felt the twins’ raging emotions towards others. Although his way with words is not as mind-blowing as his creativity, Chris Colfer has a soaring imagination.

There’s five books in this series and a sixth one is on the way. Do yourself a favour and read them! (then thank my Mum, for making me read the books, that made me write this post, that made you read the books!)



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