10 Land of Stories Quotes

I’ve decided to put together 10 of my favourite quotes from The Land of Stories series 🙂


  1. “Maybe greatness isn’t about being immortal, or glorious, or popular – it’s about choosing to fight for the greater good of the world, even when the world’s turned its back on you.” – Alex Bailey, Beyond the Kingdoms


  1. “A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.” – The Evil Queen, The Wishing Spell


  1. “It takes courage to face a giant, but it takes a true hero to stand up to the world.” – Conner Bailey, An Author’s Odyssey


  1. “Right now, we’re living in an ugly chapter of our lives, but books always get better!” – Chris Colfer


  1. “My most educated analysis with all means of science and technology in mind, is that it’s magic.” – Alex Bailey, The Enchantress Returns


  1. “I was just thinking; Alice went to Wonderland after she fell into a rabbit hole. Dorothy’s whole house was scooped up by a tornado that dropped her off in Oz. The Narnia kids travelled through an old wardrobe – and we ended up in the fairy-tale world by falling through a book. I’m just saying, it’s kind of lame compared to the others.” – Conner Bailey, The Wishing Spell


  1. A wide smirk appeared on the Snow Queen’s face.

“What it is?” the polar bear asked.

“The Masked Man has successfully concealed who he is for an impressible length of time, but by the time the week is up, his worst fear will be realised when his identity is revealed to the person he most wishes to keep it from.” – The Snow Queen, A Grimm Warning


  1. “Always have a plan B and a friend with bail, and you’re guaranteed to never fail.” – Mother Goose, The Enchantress Returns


  1. “You never know when someone might drop in and change your world forever.” – Jack, A Grimm Warning


  1. “Just because anyone can, doesn’t mean everyone should.” Mrs. Peters, The Enchantress Returns



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