Have A Little Faith

I wrote a short story for school today and I wanted to share it with you 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and give me some feedback! That would be extremely helpful.

It had to be 800 words and under (I did 801, oops) so this’ll probably only take up 2 minutes of your time! It’s about a little boy named Mike who is scared to go on stage for his school musical. Hiding under his bed, Mike receives a visit from his imaginary friend, Sir Hoyt, and together, they go on adventure and learn how to overcome fear.

Here it is 🙂


Have a Little Faith

“Mike! Michael, dear, where are you?”

From the dark, musty space underneath his bed, Mike let out a slow breath. If I don’t make any noise at all, she won’t find me, he thought to himself.


Mother’s voice came again, echoing down the hallway and bursting into Mike’s room like a lion hunting for his prey. Suddenly, Mike heard another voice. This voice wasn’t sweet and high-pitched like Mother’s voice; this voice was deep and growly, emphasised by the sound of clanging silver.

“Hello, Mike! Why are you hiding?”

Mike clutched his arms in fright, feeling goosebumps prickle his skin. Turning to see where the strange voice was coming from, Mike found himself nose-to-nose with a very rusty, very squeaky, very knightly Sir Hoyt.

“Oh, Sir Hoyt, it’s you!” Mike said a little too loudly, his imaginary friend causing a smile to spread across his face.

“Well, who else did you think it was, Michael? There’s not many other people who know of your most secret hiding place!” Sir Hoyt replied, his knight’s helmet clanging as he spoke.

“You have to keep it down!” Mike told Sir Hoyt, pushing a finger to his lips and purposely ignoring his sarcastic response.

“Why?” Sir Hoyt asked, clanging even louder.

“Because I don’t want Mother to find me!”

“Why not?”

Mike swallowed. He didn’t want to tell Sir Hoyt the real reason he was hiding under his bed. He’d think he was a coward.

“Why would I think you’re a coward?” Sir Hoyt asked.

Mike turned to him in astonishment. “How did you…”

“Remember, Mike. I’m a figment of your imagination. I can hear your thoughts.”

“Well, in that case, the reason I’m hiding under my bed is because I’m scared.” Mike paused, scratching his head. “I’m scared to go on stage for the school musical. I’m not brave enough.”

The two friends were quiet for a while.

“Michael,” Sir Hoyt said after a while. “I want to show you something.”

Mike turned to his friend and watched as he lifted his silver hands and spread them apart, revealing something that had an odd resemblance to a bubble. “What is it?” Mike asked.

Sir Hoyt smiled, his silver helmet clanging once again. “This, Michael, is your imagination.”

My imagination?” Mike asked.

Sir Hoyt nodded. “Yes. I’m going to take you on an adventure.”

Before Mike could protest, the dark space around him suddenly disappeared, puffing out like a cloud until there was nothing but empty, blank space around him. “Sir Hoyt?” Mike called, his voice showing the fear that was frantically flooding into his body. Suddenly, the white, clear air around Mike vanished, and he found himself sitting on the edge of a cliff. A gasp caught in his throat as he looked down. A gushing waterfall rushed to the ground, surrounded by thick greenery and the occasional flair of colour. Scrambling away from the edge of the cliff, Mike hit his head on something hard. Something that clanged as he hit it.

“There, there, Mike. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Michael turned to see Sir Hoyt standing above him, a smile on his face. “It’s adventure time!”

“Where are we going?” Mike asked, still trying to catch his breath after the terror he’d felt a second ago.

Sir Hoyt pointed down. “There.”

“Down there?” Mike squeaked, his terror returning.

“Take a deep breath, Michael. This is going to be fun, and I’m going to be right beside you the whole way down.”

Mike found himself nodding, even though the last thing he wanted to do was jump off the edge of a cliff.

Together, the two friends walked to the edge of the cliff, hand in hand, and looked down at what was below them.

“You see, Mike, you can only feel scared if you let yourself. I want you to look down at the waterfall and imagine a bed of marshmallows right at the bottom. Does that make it less scary?”

Mike’s voice was caught in his throat, so he nodded quickly.

“Good. Now, on the count of three, we’re going to jump, right down there and land in that bed of marshmallows, okay?”

Mike nodded again.

“Okay, Michael. One…”

Mike squeezed Sir Hoyt’s hand.


Deep breath.


No sooner had Mike’s feet left the ground, he suddenly found himself back under his bed. The darkness was comforting, but an exhilarating smile was still planted on his face.

“Mike! Where are you?”

Mike heard a door open and Mother’s voice sounded a lot closer.

“You’ve got this kiddo!” Sir Hoyt whispered before disappearing into thin air.

Taking a deep breath, Mike nodded. “I’ve got this.” Pushing aside the bed sheets, Mike slid out from under his bed, meeting the daylight and a very worried looking Mother.

“Mother, I’m here.”


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