Across the World

Howzit vs. G’day

When I was nine, my family and I immigrated from South Africa to live in Australia. Lots of packing, lots of flying, and the occasional blast of motion sickness. Yes, we’ve done it all.

Coming here was a bit of a shock for us.

Just about every animal can kill you – or make you want to kill yourself, (yes, even ants), and if it’s sunny one second, we’ve learned to expect rain the next. Magpies are pretty birds. That is, when they’re not swooping you and trying to peck out your eyes (been there, done that *yawn*). Also, when in Perth, do not open your mouth. You might just turn out like the Old Lady who Swallowed A Fly.

But most of all, being here for the last six years has taught me two very important things:

  1. When you’re talking about runners, never, I mean never, use the word ‘tackies’, because no-one will know what on earth you’re talking about.


2. Vegemite is NOT the same as bovril.

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