Poem – “Complex Minds”

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago and I was surprised at how it turned out. It’s not amazing – poem’s are not my strong point – but I had fun putting it together 🙂

I’d love to receive some feedback from you! (I haven’t thought of a title yet, so you can help me if you want!) If you have any comments to make, please open the ‘Write to Me‘ tab and feel free to message me!

Here it is:

I wonder if there’s such a big difference

between just you and me.

Is it the fact that our complex minds

work so differently?


My heart is guarded by a wall of bricks

more than ten feet tall,

but I wonder, if that wall wasn’t there,

would you care for me at all?


We sit with our backs against that wall

living within our daydreams.

However, we don’t often stop to think

that nothing is as it seems.


One day, when I find the courage

to knock that brick wall down,

you might be waiting on the other side,

saying “hey, what took so long?”


Maybe then we’ll go for a walk,

and you’ll admire the moon,

but little will you know, while you’re looking at it,

I’ll be looking at you.


I hope you liked it 🙂

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