Developing Characters

As I’ve previously mentioned, I LOVE writing. I know what you’re thinking… Writing? How can someone love writing? That’s like doing homework…for fun. But, for me, writing is the complete opposite. Planning new stories, creating new characters and typing it all out is what I enjoy doing most. It fills me with a sense of excitement, knowing that the characters I am about to create are going to take me on an adventure through their world – almost as if I’m living a totally different life walking in the main character’s shoes. Weird, right?

I’ve decided to make this post about my all-time, absolute favourite part of writing: developing characters.

In my opinion, developing characters is the most important – and the most fun – part of story planning. The way you create your main character is pretty much like drawing out a path for which direction your story is headed in. For example, if your main character is a hard-headed, hot-tempered, bad-mannered young teenager, and you put them into a situation where they get themselves into a bit of a pickle with the authorities, the scene is going to be completely different to what it would have been like if your main character was a well-mannered, hardworking, shy, little girl.

The way I develop my characters is really quite simple. As an example, I’ve put an image down below of a recent character I’ve planned:


I always list the character’s name, age, appearance and any important or quirky character traits they may have. A helpful tip for you if you’re struggling to come up with first names or last names is to quickly type either ‘name generator’ or ‘last name generator’ into google. (Only a writer will find this cool!) All you have to do is press ‘generate’ and you’ll instantly have a name for your character! (I’ve used these generators many times when my mind is blank!)

Hopefully, you learnt something from this post, and if not, there’ll be more coming soon! 🙂


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