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Book Review – Draekora

I recently finished reading Draekora by Lynette Noni and this book is just too amazing to keep to myself! This is the third book in The Medoran Chronicles and, believe me when I say, they just keep getting better! I have been lucky enough to meet Lynette at a local book signing and I also attended one of her recent writer’s workshops. She is a wonderful woman who is such an inspiration to me. The way she has written these books widens the area of your imagination. It helps you to problem solve. What happened here? Who is this person and how does the main character know them? What problem is being solved and why? I can guarantee that once you start reading Draekora, you won’t be able to put the book down!

This book takes Alex on an adventure through Meya, where she is training to fight like a Meyarin. During her training, Alex is bewildered to come across Xiraxus, a young draekon – or dragon – who tells her that she is in danger and suddenly transports her to his world – Draekora. There, Alex discovers that Xira was saving her from a close run-in with Aven, the banished prince of Meya. To her horror, she also discovers that she is now more than a thousand years in the past. Alex is then told by the great Aes Daega that she is to return to the palace of Meya and tell the king and queen that she is a Meyarin who was abandoned at birth and brought up by humans. Because of this, she needs to learn the ways of a Meyarin – which, in turn, would be worthwhile when she returned to the future. Relieved when they agree, Alex is in an extremely uncomfortable position. Her training and daily activities will be carried out by the princes of Meya – including Aven Dalmarta, the prince who is trying to kill her future self. With that in mind, the book continues by launching into a great adventure where Alex makes new friends, discovers new things, and learns the ways of a Meyarin. However, when things seem to be too easy, too simple, trouble begins to brew. Alex has to conceal from her new friends that she is merely a mortal. She has to trust Aven – something she would never even think of doing in the future.

Over all, this book was a mind-grabbing and stomach-churning adventure. The way the author has left it to the reader to put the puzzle pieces together helps you to feel as if you are Alex. I fell in love with all of the characters, and when things went crazy in the last few chapters, my heart felt like it was tied in a knot, hoping and praying that nothing bad would happen to the characters I love most. This book is filled with so much imagination, awe and suspense. I highly recommend Draekora for you to read because taking it off the shelf was the best thing I ever did!


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