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Book Review – Raelia

After reading Akarnae by Lynette Noni, I was beyond ecstatic when Raelia, the second book of The Medoran Chronicles, was released in our local bookshop. I immediately asked Mum if we could go and buy it, and when we did, I got straight into reading! In my Akarnae book review, I described just how amazing the first book was and how much I loved it; well, believe it or not, this book was even better!

To briefly sum it up, Alex returns to Akarnae with her friends, excited for the new school year. Alex learns that she is now old enough to take part in the mysterious Stealth and Subterfuge class, taught by Hunter, the school’s creepiest teacher – in Alex’s opinion – who knows everyone and everything about them. Alex’s friends can’t stop talking about the class. They can’t wait to try out for it – but Alex has no interest in the class whatsoever. On the day that the students learn who made it into the class and who didn’t, Alex’s name appears on the list. Baffled and slightly annoyed, Alex confronts Hunter, but he tells her that she is now in the class and cannot get out of it. To make things worse, a few weeks into school, the Stealth and Subterfuge class is sent on a mission with one of Hunter’s mysterious riddles as their one and only guide. Together, they must overcome great distances, take part in dangerous activities, and be as stealthy and subterfuge–y as humanly possible. As usual, the book climaxes as things spiral out of control and Alex is once again forced to be brave and save her friends from unintended danger.

This book climbed right to the top and was even better than the first one! I liked the way that Hunter’s character was quiet and almost hidden in the corner like an unwanted shadow in the start of book, but towards the end of the book, he sort of came out of his protective shell and showed readers who he truly was and how his gift enabled him to be the most mysterious teacher at Akarnae. This book’s character development grew as we got to know people like Kaiden, Skyla and Hunter better. Alex’s bravery skills were pulled to the limit as she once again had to fight against Aven and use the strength of her willpower to save herself and her friends. Over all, this book went over and above imagination and creativity skills and I can’t wait for you to read it!


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