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Book Review – Akarnae

I received Akarnae by Lynette Noni for my birthday last year. Even though the saying goes ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, I often do. When Mum chooses books for me, I usually don’t want to read them because she tries to get me to read classics which are most often boring and usually drag on for no reason . I convince myself that the book is going to be bad and it’s going to be a complete waste of time reading it. Since then, I’ve realised how wrong I was…

Akarnae was like a reading revolution – you could say – for me. I hadn’t read a good book in a while, and was oh-so-surprised when I began to read it and couldn’t put it down! I finished it within three days and begged Mum to buy me the next one when it came out.

Akarnae is the first book of The Medoran Chronicles. Just quickly, this book follows the journey of sixteen-year-old Alexandra Jennings as she arrives at her new school and steps through a doorway that transports her to the magical world of Medora. There, Alex is led to Akarnae, a school for the gifted. Alex learns that in order to get back home, she needs to find the principle of Akarnae, but to her – and everyone else’s – dismay, he’s missing! Because of this, Alex is forced to stay at the academy until he returns. She begins to enjoy her school life and the new friends she is making, but as everything seems to be strangely peaceful, trouble strikes! The book continues as Alex learns about the Lost City of Meya and its banished prince, meets her grouchy – yet mysterious – new roommate, and forms a great friendship with her fellow students, Jordan and Bear.

This book reeled me in and I became captivated by the series! Lynette has such a wonderful way with words. The book is very imaginative and incredibly creative. The world of Medora has been thought over and planned into something you’ve never seen or heard of before. So much intricate detail has been put into each and every character, each place Alex visits and each new person she meets. I would definitely recommend Akarnae as a must read. You’ll become hooked – just like I am – after reading the first chapter!


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